R/SketchDaily 115/115: Off Topic – Rapunzelfish

I was brainstorming around the word exaggerate today and stumbled upon the concept of a Rapunzelfish. The original idea was a fish with ridiculously long fins, but then as I started sketching it out, I was struggling with the fins. I always struggle with things like wavy hair (or in this case fins) because I get overwhelmed by the details. I reached out to my art support group and someone sent me a short tutorial on drawing curly hair. That gave me a good start and then led me to this youtube tutorial for drawing wavy hair. So I gave it a shot, and this is my progress so far. The fins are now hair, but I really love it! It’s kinda addicting to draw hair now, too. What once was stressful, is now calming. Art is so powerful.

This is more of a practice piece so I’m not sure if I’ll finish it. But I kinda like how it’s unfinished. I think I want to try this with my dip pen and see how it goes.

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