Draw Daily: Portrait

With the start of the new year, I decided it was a good time to change up my daily format to better align with my goals for this year. Here are my art related goals for 2019:

  • Draw Daily, 350 days, 1 hr/day
  • Draw 10 complete portraits
  • Draw 10 complete figures
  • Set up shop for selling prints
  • Complete INKTOBER 2019
  • Complete Folktale Week 2019

Since my focus will be portrait & figure drawing, I decided I will only participate in Reddit Sketch Daily occasionally. It was a great tool to help me develop a daily drawing habit, but I feel like it’s time for me to structure my drawing time around moving closer to my goals. So my daily post will now be titled Draw Daily. I renamed it because I wanted to get away from the idea of sketching, so that I don’t feel I have to complete a sketch or drawing every day. My goal is to draw every day for an hour, and I plan on working on more in-depth pieces over a few days as opposed to pumping out short/sketchy type drawings. So here we go, day one, post one.

I’m not sure where I am going with this piece. I was only going to finish the eyes and leave the rest sketchy, but I ended up doing the lips too. It’s off to a really good start, but I’m just not sure when I want to call it done. I guess I’ll see how I’m feeling about it tomorrow.


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