Return to Sketch Daily: Pig

I’ve fallen out of my daily habit of drawing so I will be returning to Reddit Sketch Daily. Apparently I need the accountability of posting every day. I also miss everyone there.

I’ve realized I have this awful habit of sucking the joy out of something by getting too serious about it. I kept thinking I need to put more effort into improving my skills, but that added pressure took all the fun out of it. I wasn’t enjoying drawing anymore and having taken a small break, I realize how much I need it to stay balanced. It’s my little piece of peace – kinda like a daily meditation. I’m still going to work on my skills, but it won’t be my main focus when I sit down to draw. My main focus from here on out: JOY.

So here’s a joyful little pig. I’m really liking this illustration style, but I love his tiny little smile the most. ❤

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