Postcards from the edge


Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I started getting very frustrated, bored, and unsatisfied with my art and I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I talked it over with another artist and they suggested I needed a break. And apparently they were right, because now that I’ve rested a bit, I’m back with a project that I am very excited about! Postcard Therapy!

I’m always wondering what to do with my art after it’s been drawn. Once I scan it in, it gets added to an ever growing pile of drawings. I have no room left on my walls so they just sit there gathering dust. And that’s just sad. So I decided I will start creating all my art on postcards and mail them off to a new home.  Here’s how it will work: when the mood strikes, I will create something on a postcard. Then I will do a random drawing and the winner will be mailed a postcard with my original artwork.

Sounds fun right? But I need your help – I need mailing addresses! So if you would like to receive some of my original art via snail mail, please email your mailing address to I promise I will not do anything nefarious with your info – unless you think receiving free art in the mail is nefarious…

I can’t say how long it will take for you to receive anything since I will be choosing winners at random, but being that I probably won’t have a very long list of addresses, there’s a good chance you’ll get something soon. I also have no idea what kind of art you will receive. It might be random lines, or a portrait, or a ballerina (I love drawing ballerinas), and it could be pencil, or ink, or maybe even watercolor. There’s also a high probability that the snail mail system will add it’s own “artwork” to the final piece. It’s all random and completely unpredictable. But it should be fun! I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but I hope you join me in this journey.

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